Apply This: 4 Examples of How Technology Has Changed Skin Care

Great skin becomes easy when you have this technology on your sideWhen you think of maintaining your skin, what’s the first thing to come to mind? You probably think of words like “organic”, “natural”, “health”. These words seem to be the direct opposite of “technology” and “digital”. But you might be surprised that the two concepts aren’t the opposite – they can actually work together to give excellent results. Think about it like this: If you’re having problems, you wear glasses, right? That’s a piece of technology that allows you to enhance a natural part of yourself. Why not apply the same logic to your skin? Products like the envisage facial exerciser fulfill a similar purpose. You don’t have to submit to a battery of long examinations or routines; in fact, many of these pieces of tech are simple and short to use. Why not give them a shot? Once you do, you’ll be surprised at how much your skin care routine improves. If you find yourself struggling for “so so” results and you’re not sure what to do, it’s time to stop relying on “organic” products like expensive skin creams or anti aging lotions (that aren’t always proven to work!). Instead, try these pieces of technology. You will likely be pleasantly surprised when you see the results. Here are four cool pieces of technology that make your skin healthier and give you the glow you want!

An App That Connects You With Dermatologists

We all know what a pain it is to see the doctor. You have to call ahead, make an appointment, wait around for the day to come, show up, wait for the doctor while reading through old copies of boring magazines, finally get to see a professional, and head home. This is pretty exhausting and it’s no wonder that most people put off the doctor’s appointment. Now imagine that you could just open up your phone and consult with skin care experts. This isn’t a sci fi dream – it’s absolutely possible with current apps. Programs like Spruce and Doctor on Demand allow you to consult with trained medical staff without even getting out of bed. You can take photos and transfer them over, maintain a relationship with one professional, and skip some of the annoying wait times and paperwork. While these apps are still in the early stages, we can look forward to new iterations of the same technology over time.

The envisage Facial Exerciser

You hit the gym to tighten up your abs and biceps, right? What if you took the same logic and applied it to your face? There are key areas of your face such as your cheeks, jaw, and forehead. Each key area has muscles beneath the skin that need to be exercised. The issue is that it’s difficult to do so on your own. That’s where envisage comes in: this skin health company has created a product that is especially designed for this task. It only takes five minutes a day over the course of weeks to show results. It’s an attractive little piece of technology that easily fits in your purse or pocket, so it can go anywhere with you.

Could Stem Cells Be Used to Boost Healthy Ingredients?

Stem cells can be a controversial topic, but not when it comes to skin care. You see, the stem cells we’re talking about here come from plants. By using a plant’s stem cells, antioxidants and other healthy nutrients can be amplified. That means a healthy skin cream might be only operating at a percentage of its true potential. But with active stem cells, it could work twice or thrice as well. This is exciting news for anyone who loves to pamper their skin with cream but wonders if they could get more results. It also could open the door for exciting new developments in the future, so we’ll be sure to keep our eyes on the headlines.

Lighting that Sees the True State of Your Skin

When you look at your skin, what do you see? You’re probably very familiar with your face right now. However, there’s a way to get a whole new perspective on the damage that has accumulated on your skin. UV lighting shows freckles, sun marks, and other kinds of damage that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Here are some striking examples that show just how effective this form of lighting is. Not only can you see sun damage, but you can also see where the skin is beginning to lose elasticity and strength. This is a great tool to combine with the above facial exerciser, as you can proactively address that damage. Don’t subscribe to the philosophy of “out of sight, out of mind”; instead, think “find it and fix it!”

When you think about skin care, everyone encourages you to try natural and organic methods. That’s a great approach, but its not the only tactic you should take. You should also consider integrating technology into your life. It doesn’t have to totally take over your skin health routine; instead, it’s often something that saves you time and makes life easier. Whether its making it so you don’t have to commute and suffer through long waits at the doctor’s office, or giving you five minutes a day to pamper yourself with the facial massager, this skin health technology actually saves you time. Before long, you should have a clear schedule and even clearer skin. Best of luck, and in the future, know that there’ll be even cooler and more efficient technology on the horizon!

Red Flags & Black Hats: How to Avoid Digital Marketing Amateurs

Look out! Spotting these can save you from an advertising disaster“Online marketing” is a relatively new field. The Internet has only been a nearly mandatory addition to people’s homes for just under two decades. In the last few years, online growth has accelerated, and there seem to be more innovations than ever before. People began chatting on Bulletin Board Services and in IRC channels. Now, we have more sophisticated services like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Now, the everyday person is comfortable and familiar with these platforms. They keep up with far away family, talk with their friends, and take advantage of online sales and referrals. Needless to say, businesses have been adroit in following up with this new opportunity. In fact, their demand for qualified marketing experts is higher than ever. When it comes to digital marketing, you want to ensure you pick a firm that knows what they’re doing. There are many amateurs who see an opportunity and are leaping on it without the right qualifications. Luckily, it’s easy to spot the red flags ahead of time. Whether it’s in their content marketing strategy, their advertising techniques, or their approach to interacting with customers, knowing the warning signs is an important part of keeping your company safe. When consulting a digital marketing firm, take a good look for any of these dangerous phrases, lines, or ideas.

Click Bait: One Weird Trick to Remove Your Reputation as a Marketer

Have you ever been browsing your favourite sites when you see one of these annoying ads? “One weird trick to lose belly fat FAST!” “A local mom figured out how to whiten teeth.” “Doctors HATE her – the crazy health tip that you’ll never believe!” “Come play this online game, m’lord.” These ads are infamous for their silly tactics and annoying catchphrases, not their substance. They have been proven to work in the short term – some people are so interested in the ‘one weird trick’ that they go ahead and click. Then, disappointed, they turn away and never come back. If you want to be a business that people like and respect, it’s time to get rid of marketing agencies that go with this short-term tactic. Instead, pick someone who brings value to the table. The Internet as a whole will thank you.

Memes, Trends, and Other Time Sensitive Events

If you’ve spent any amount of time on sites like Imgur, Tumblr, or Facebook, you’re probably familiar with how the Internet can grab a joke and have it spin out of control. Zeddie Little knows this better than anyone else. The actor was competing in a marathon and flashed a smile to the finish line as his friend took a photo. The results had him looking remarkably photogenic. Photographer Will King posted the picture up on the social media site Reddit bemoaning how his friend always looked amazing in pictures. (In Will’s defense, Mr. Little is a remarkably attractive man). The picture caught on like wildfire, becoming a picture template called “Ridiculously Photogenic Guy” where people added captions like “Goes to straight bar/Leaves gay bar” or “Runs to promote heart health/Causes my heart to skip a beat”. Another popular meme, doge, features a silly looking Shiba Inu with captions like “much doge” “so bark” “wow” “very wag” in colourful comic sans. Memes are a fun way to share jokes with friends, but when a corporation takes advantage of it, it generally is regarded as a punchline in and of itself. Seeing a digital marketing agency try to make a meme part of their campaign is sad and tired, like an uncle repeating a joke from 1997 to try and sound cool.

“Black Hat” Tactics That Get Short Term Results at the Expense of Long Term Trust

In the context of online marketing, especially SEO, black hat tactics are a very fast way to hurt your online reputation. For instance, stuffing an article with keywords can temporarily trick Google (if you’re lucky), but no one falls for that lazy content past a first glance. Pushing content out at lightning speed without stopping to edit or examine it is another way to come across as either rank amateurs or attempted scammers. It doesn’t matter if you put out articles at the speed of light, someone has to actually want to read them for them to be worthwhile. Clicks are simply a starting point in any digital marketing campaign. Being able to leverage that interest is something a true agency can assist you with.

Why The Above Tactics Fail Again and Again

Any online marketing campaign should be an ongoing investment that requires care and time. There is no easy solution, and this is how you can spot shady or inexperienced marketing agencies. Anyone who offers up any of the above solutions is clearly working under the assumption that they need to spark some initial interest. In reality, the spark needs to be fanned into a mighty bonfire for an online campaign to be a success. Otherwise, you’ll end up ignored, seen as a fraud or a scammer, or a joke to the very people you’re reaching out to.

Nearly every business is interested in how they can expand their online presence and connect with consumers from around the globe. Needless to say, agencies are cropping up to meet this need. But is every agency qualified? Many of them are shady or inexperienced and simply looking to jump on the latest trend. A business needs to be ready to avoid these agencies that can do real harm to their brand and go with experienced and qualified experts instead. By recognizing the red flags above, you should be prepared to make the right choice.



3 Ways to Convince Your Boss That Job Training Courses Are Necessary

When you wanted a Tonka, Nintendo, or Barbie Convertible as a kid, remember the lengths you went in order to persuade your parents? Perhaps you behaved “extra good”, ate all your vegetables, and made sure to do all your homework before dinner. As an adult, trying to convince others The argument that job training courses in Canada leads to new skills is convincing evidence.takes on different forms but it doesn’t come to an end. Instead of pleading with your parents to buy the year’s most addictive toy, persuasion often involves career advancement or rescue. However, if you, a colleague, or an entire department lacks skills in a certain area, the thought of persuading your boss to pay for training might cross your mind.

But how do you go about doing it? Do you need to buy your boss an extensive steak dinner or invite him or her to your summer house in Florida? It most likely won’t be that difficult. You can learn how to convince your boss to pay for job training courses in canada without the need to go to an extreme. Even if you feel hesitant to do so, don’t give in to the uncertainties. The response might be more pleasing than you expected.

Reasons to Ask Despite Doubts

As children, we have fewer inhibitions when we ask for things. This makes sense since youth means inexperience both socially and emotionally. However, our awareness with boundaries increases with time, and we start to ask and make demands with more caution. Sometimes that cautiousness we develop turns into an obstacle – we are too cautious and that limits us in terms of confidence. However, you need to turn the dial on caution down just a bit when asking for a boss to pay for a job training course in Canada. Here’s why.

  • Prevent Disaster – What is meant by disaster is not a natural disaster, but rather, mistakes that could do serious failures in certain tasks or projects. Inexperience and a lack of proficiency is a common reason why projects hit a wall.

  • Improve Efficiency – Even if most people in the company seem to have basic skills, the “basics” are sometimes not sufficient enough to keep a company afloat. If this is the case with you or your colleagues, then it’s worth speaking to your employers about job training courses.

  • Skill Acquisition – Now this one may be a bit trickier to use as a reason to convince your boss, but nevertheless, worthwhile. Think about the companies that allow employees to bring unique talents to the boardroom. Not only does it make the employees happier and more enthusiastic, their unique perspectives can lead to that one thing cherished by every company – innovation. This is another reason why you shouldn’t hesitate to ask about job training courses.

Approach your bosses appropriately you find yourself in the job training course you desire. How to Go About Doing It

Now it’s time to answer the ageless dilemma – how do you convince someone, especially when they are your boss? It’s obviously not the same as trying to convince a parent or spouse or sibling. While it can be more challenging, there are ways in which you can approach them without causing any offense.

  • Set it up correctly – Your approach is everything! The way you are dressed and groomed is no doubt an important factor, especially if you are trying to appeal to someone you rarely see. Also, your tone, choice of words, and body language all come into play and they should all be positive. Finally, the time and place you decide to ask is of great importance, so make sure that your settings are appropriate.

  • Present the evidence – A perfect setup won’t help your case if your reasons for taking the course aren’t convincing. In fact, the person you try to convince will you see more as a person with the cliched ‘style over substance’ demeanor. Therefore, make sure that you know how the training course will benefit you as an employee and how it will benefit the company. The previous section that discusses the reasons why you should ask offer examples of convincing evidence. Just make sure that a course of interest actually offers those skills.

  • Reassure them of your commitment – If you can follow the first two steps, you should be in pretty good standing. However, there are times when even the best reasoning doesn’t convince employers. The reasons are often emotional (fear of losing valued employee) but also rational (using company hours to train). In such instances, you need to reassure your employer that the reason you’re training is to be the greatest asset you can be to the company. If you can convince them of your loyalty, they will most likely be more open to your training.

The Response

Of course, if you want to pursue job training courses in Canada, your hopes will no doubt be the compliance of your boss. The satisfaction you’ll gain from knowing that your boss cares about personal development is one that will stick with you for years. If your boss does respond with a yes, then gear your mind to work hard at full force, no matter what the course. If your boss says no, then respectfully put the idea on hold. You can always ask him or her to review at a future date, or you can seek help in others. Don’t despair – their “no” might simply mean “not now, but maybe later.”

Ask Away

If you feel there is a need for additional education in your workplace, then you should ask without hesitation. Remember, there are benefits that a company can enjoy if employers are willing to fund their employee’s educational pursuits. Not only will this increase the morale of their employers, it will also allow them to build skills that can lead to innovation and outstanding performance. Isn’t that something all employers desire? Therefore, present these facts to your boss if you seek opportunities to take job training courses in Canada. Do so in a manner that is confident but neither arrogant, and they will no doubt have their ears perked up. If they say yes, rejoice, and if they say no, smile. As mentioned before, their refusal may only be temporary. No matter what the response, since either a yes or a no will be better than the silence which results from not asking at all.

Namebusters: Advertising’s Absurd New Job Titles & What they Really Mean

When you were back in elementary or high school, career choices seemed pretty straight-forward. You either wanted to be a doctor, a firefighter or an actor. The job titles were clear-cut and just the mention of them brought up images of the pros who worked these careers. Nowadays, those Social media ninjas have sneaked their way into many creative services teams. who call themselves therapists or engineers will illicit nothing more than blank stares and a request from others to elaborate. Such is the case in the marketing world. There are a ton of emerging career titles that are baffling, yet now the norm.

Despite the peculiar names that now float around, you should have an awareness of what they mean if you work or plan to work in the creative services. There’s no room to overlook these individuals since your organization may adopt these name changes. If they are to enter your organization, they may work alongside with you or for you. Understanding their role is even more important if you have to answer to them, so it’s wise that you learn what they are all about!

Misfit Job Titles

If you aren’t a stickler for political correctness, you probably roll your eyes when others use names like custodian or agricultural technicians. After all, you grew up calling people as they were! A similar thing is happening in the world of marketing, and it can be frustrating. However, remember that the marketing world is dominated by creative people, and quirkiness will emerge. That means for every ad campaign that leaves you scratching your head, you can expect there to be a creative services team of people with equally confusing names. Here’s a look at some of these titles:

  • Chief Creative Insurgent – For those who bear this name, it may sound like they belong in some sort of military conflict. All confusion aside, they really are not the new-age chief creative officers, but apparently an individual who challenges the current norms in marketing and corporate communications. It’s probably safe to say, these individuals are think tanks who try to innovate and reinvent things. In effect, they are like rebels fighting against an opposing force – in this case, the traditional role of marketing. Alex Bogusky, the former ECD of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, has now earned the title of Chief Creative Insurgent.

  • Social Media Ninjas, Mavens, and Gurus – For the most part, these individuals have titles, such as Social Media Managers or Social Media Consultants. However, the names have become more eccentric, and now we have these new mystical creatures in the social media realm. Unlike the Chief Creative Insurgent listed above, their role is quite clear – they manage, write/produce, research, and monitor activity on various social platforms. What’s most infuriating to more traditional social media professionals besides the new names, are the connotations behind these names.

  • Brand Evangelist – Whether you are religious or not, the term “brand evangelist” might conjure up the image of a church minister giving a powerpoint presentation. In a way, they truly are evangelizers. These individuals are essentially brand advocates, who use word-of-mouth as their primary form of communicating the superiority of a brand. You may have doubts about this profession, but many marketing experts consider brand evangelizers as trustworthy influencers. Why? The fact they are not hired by the brand and usually act independently indicates that they are in fact loyal fans of the company.

  • Digital Overload – The title of digital overload sounds like a name given to an evil character in a fantasy novel or movie. However, your digital overload is essentially a website manager. They are the people who juggle various tasks, including the monitoring of metrics, project management, and social media/SEO strategies. Despite the cartoonish name, their duties actually make them an integral part of the creative services team.

These titles may be the inspiration for your next tweet or post. Whether you plan to share this info for a few laughs or for real knowledge, there is a lot to take away for your own career development. It’s not a matter of political correctness, but the emergence of these new job titles do illustrate some important reminders for those who work and or plan to have a career in creative services.

Former ad legend, Alex Bogusky embraces a new creative services role - Chief Creative Insurgent. Accept and Be Rewarded

What does the emergence of these new titles indicate? You need to hold true to your roots as a creative individual and accept the shifts that may take place in the industry. At first, they may seem a little overwhelming, but they can open new doors for you. For example:

  • A Change in Duties – Some of the above mentioned careers involve tasks that are unlike those of other, more traditional jobs. That could mean new career opportunities for you, as long as your current level of education and work experience can carry over into these new job positions.

  • Interesting New Personalities – Since the marketing world is all about providing services, the quality of work produced by agencies and firms depends upon the people working within them. The people who bear these quirky job titles could be some of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet, and that in itself can inspire or energize you to do some great work.

Welcoming the New Job Titles

What is your current job title? Are you a creative strategist or a UX designer? Are you a content writer or a brand consultant? If you bear any of those titles now, it’s wise to consider that some of these names were rare and even non-existent just a few years ago.  If you were to go around and hand out business cards with these titles on them, you probably would earn some doubtful and confused responses from your recipients. But that has changed. No one will doubt the importance of a UX designer or discredit the wisdom of a brand consultant today. So whether you are a fan of the new marketing job titles or not, it is important that you accept them as legitimate job titles within the creative services. It certainly won’t hurt to have a professional “ninja” by your side, and you may even get to work on unexpected and exciting projects in the future.

Take Graphic Design Training to Boldly Reach Your Audience Like Never Before

There are seven billion people in the world. No matter what sort of service or product you have, there is someone, somewhere out there who is interested in it. The question is, how do you reach them? The Internet has made this task easier than ever before to get started.  With just a few minutes of work you can throw an item up on eBay, or send out some e-mails, or register a domain under your company name. However, making a living and running a successful business is much more difficult. To be successful and reach your target audience, be they local or global, you must launch an initiative that will work, be visible, and draw people in. There are multiple facets to your business that you must consider. Who is your market? Why would they need your product or service? How will you reach them? What sort of transaction do you want to make, and will they be able to afford it or care to spend the money on it? Even if you answer all of these questions, you still need to make your idea stand out among the crowd. Competition can be fierce, so you can’t do a job that is simply ‘good enough’. Graphic design training will help you polish your brand until it shines. Read on to find out exactly why the visual elements of your business can be the most important for reaching your audience and attracting new customers.

Reach even the most discerning customer with clever use of tactics you learn graphic design training

Make Sure You Present the Right “Type” of Marketing

Typography is an extensive field with tons of research and analysis behind it. Did you know that font experts argue extensively over whether serif or sans-serif are better? Were you aware that in 2007, a full length documentary entitled ‘Helvetica‘ was released about the titular font? Fonts and typography are serious business! This is more than just an arbitrary quibble – using the right font can boost your business, and using the wrong choice can harm it. Graphic design training will help you tell the difference. The font ‘Baskerville’ (most famously used in the Canada watermark) increases the likelihood that the reader agrees with a statement and sees the writer as being trustworthy. Meanwhile, fonts like Comic Sans MS or Papyrus are notoriously seen as a sign of bad taste and poor decisions.

How to Pick the Perfect Placement for Text in Your Advertising and Projects

Once you have a font chosen, there’s more to consider. For instance, kerning is a serious consideration. Kerning is the spacing between letters and words. Sometimes, these effects are so subtle as to be unnoticeable to the common eye. An example of this would be the spacing expectations in an academic paper, where you are sometimes expected to put two spaces after a period. It is usually only when kerning goes horribly wrong that customers will pass over your business and seek out a competitor. Spaces in the middle of words, uneven lines, or other amateurish mistakes will make your business seem like more of a casual hobby. Avoid these mistakes by learning how to kern, align, and space font in graphic design training.

A Splash of Colour Theory Makes a Major Impression on Your Characters

You’re probably familiar with the most basic forms of colour theory, such as the fact that there is a colour wheel, and that colours on the opposite side of the wheel complement one another, while those right next to each other tend to clash. However, you’re likely not aware of the deeper psychological issues of colour, as well as societal expectations of colour that reflect on your brand. Graphic design training can help clue you in as to which colours hold which implications. As an example, the colour orange is usually associated with frugality and inexpensiveness. These are great qualities for certain products to reflect. The effects of tweaking orange down toward red has immediate and important changes. Red is a vivid, intense colour that has been associated with energy, war, danger, sexuality, love, and willpower. If you bring the tone down even further towards brown, then the meaning changes to stability, certainty, harvest, fall, and even a bit of a ‘boring’ (if safe) implication. In North America, blue is seen as a masculine colour, and pink is a feminine colour – but in Europe, the associations vanish. It’s important to know colour theory and be able to use it successfully in your work to spark the imagination of your audience and make them think about what you could do for them.

Make Your Message Readable and Noticeable at a Glance

We live in a fast paced world. People walk briskly through the street, past shop after shop. They climb aboard subways and buses that are plastered with ads from top to bottom. They browse the Internet and scroll past banner ads. The population will not have their attention grabbed by just any ad – they need something that pops out at them! Graphic design training helps you come up with designs that seize eyeballs. More importantly, once someone is looking, you want to have all of the relevant info and messages apparent immediately. People rarely have the time or the attention to scan a wall of text looking for the meat of the message. Advertising requires you to cut all of the chaff out of your message and only display the part that makes the customer intrigued.

Customers and clients are everywhere in the world – you just need to seize them and not let go. The best way to do this is with a well coordinated and properly executed campaign of advertisement. Graphic design training will help you smooth out the bumps in this journey and produce a stronger message overall. You can have the right prints and fonts, the proper colours, and have it all in a short and snappy package. Your target audience is out there – reach out to them, and they’ll be happy to extend a hand back.


Choose a Marketing Firm with a Knack for Wild, Right-Brained Ideas

For just about anything in life, you’ll find that majority of people like to stay within a set of boundaries. In other words, they like to ‘play it safe’. Why? Most fields in life have certain conventions and formats, and it seems that the rules give people a sense of security and comfort. That’s why the creative rebel in the office often receives blank stares or puzzled faces when he offers ideas during a meeting.

A marketing firm can surprise, but intrigue you with their exceptional creativity

However, if you want your marketing efforts to achieve results that will take the “small” out of your business, you should hire a marketing firm in Toronto that favours bold creative ideas. You might say to yourself that it is unnecessary to get too experimental, and you might even worry that some of these marketing tactics might get too out of hand. But one thing remains certain. If you continue to use the same marketing methods over an over again, your brand will grow stale and you might fall into the sea of businesses who gain nothing more than mere glimpses.

Wild is Wonderful

Take a look at some of the world’s greatest innovators and their innovations. There are so many to number from countless fields, including art, science, business, and even marketing. Many of these individuals were mocked or even scolded for their strange and eccentric ideas. However, many now acknowledge their brilliance and contributions to society as being unparalleled. For example:

Nikola Tesla – A Serbian-American inventor, physicist, and engineer who discovered alternating current, x-rays, and the controversial free energy (which many conspiracy theorists believe was suppressed by the government).

Mark Zuckerberg – He’s a contemporary example of a boundary-less thinker. Yes, the great inventor of Facebook stands as one of the most imaginative innovators of our time.

Andy Warhol – Known for eccentric behaviours, such as a collection of trashed items, Andy Warhol’s art dabbled in many disciplines, including visual art, music, film, photography, publishing and advertising.

These are just some of the creative people who have changed the world in some way. Despite social awkwardness or overall eccentricity, the creativity that these innovators possessed allowed them to surpass the limits that many people wish to cross.

What’s the lesson here? If you want to take your business to a place where you’ll become a serious competitor, you will have to think beyond the confines of what is normal. If you hire the right marketing firm, they will offer you creative mastery that you can leverage to build a brand that stands out from those around you. 

The Most Celebrated ‘Rejects’ in Marketing

By nature, marketing and advertising relies on an awareness of social and cultural norms.  Yet still, there are some, if not many agencies that prove a little eccentricity can be a good thing for a brand.

A marketing firm can produce advertising that is simple, yet engaging for your audience

It’s all about making a brand stand out, and in this day and age, it’s certainly more challenging to do this. There are a million distractions, a million competitors, and a million reasons not to trust or buy a certain brand. That’s why a marketing firm with insightful and innovative creativity can free you and your brand from these obstacles. What examples are there of compelling creativity from marketing agencies?

AKQA – This global agency has landed itself in many “most creative” lists over the past few years, and they deserve to be in them. For example, they made headlines in the advertising world with their interactive campaign for Heineken, Star Player. The app worked in conjunction with the live-action of the UEFA Champion’s league, so players could score points along with goals scored by the players.

72ANDSUNNY – Based out of Los Angeles and Amsterdam, 72&Sunny goes by the label of being a ‘modern, full-service agency’. They’ve produced some really quirky, but massively successful viral campaigns over the last few years. They are the ones responsible for Samsung’s “Unicorn Apocalypse” as well as a superbowl ad that features actors, Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, and Bob Odendirk.

These agencies have created campaigns that generate millions of impressions, receive great reviews, and ultimately, drive sales down the road. Granted, these agencies have very high budgets to work with, so you may not be able to afford the production of such high-caliber ads. However, the point to take away is that these agencies put creativity on a pedestal, and they know that their willingness to push boundaries can push a brand into very successful territory. 

The Little Engines that Can

If the production value of large scale ad agency campaigns are out of reach, you can still choose a marketing firm that offers you its utmost creative abilities. In fact, some of the most creative works come from smaller shops, and because they often have a smaller budget, they are forced to be more creative. So small can actually amount to something that’s much bigger.

A highly creative marketing firm provides you with:

  • Strong Branding & Identity – Think of those bold, beautiful logos and colours you see on business cards, brochures, websites, and posters come from marketing and design agencies. If you need to revamp yours or start from scratch, then a marketing agency could be the best place to start.
  • Insightful Design and Writing – If you’ve ever seen a clever package design or read a brochure headline that made you chuckle, you can thank the creative heads of a marketing agency for that. Writers and designers working at these agencies know how to use the right words and pictures to help you connect with your audience.
  • Unique Ways to Market Your Product – You may feel inclined to go one way, but an innovative marketing firm might point you to a more enlightening direction. They often see gaps that you may skip over, and they will fill these gaps with creative ideas that can often amaze you. 

Keep a Marketing Firm on Speed Dial

So if you want to see a real difference in your branding, it’s time that you consider a different approach. Sure, you might take steps to improve your brand from within. Making the effort to improve your customer service experience, pricing strategy, and location are all the first step to a successful brand. However, it is essential that your branding is strong, and a creative marketing firm in Toronto with bold, creative ideas can ensure that your brand becomes a force. So don’t be afraid of the unorthodox ideas that some agencies pride themselves on. Those very same ideas could be your ticket into a new arena for your business!

SharePoint Training Allows Your Business Team’s Chemistry to Sizzle By Introducing You to New Collaboration Features

If you are a sports fan, you most likely hear commentators and journalists talk about a team’s ‘chemistry’. It’s the metaphor that describes the level of cooperation and the strength of the relationship between players both in the game and out. You already know, and you’ve most likely seen what happens when a team has bad chemistry. Not only does it show in their attitude, but it also shows in their performance.

SharePoint training exposes you and your team to features that make collaboration smoother

Likewise, you need to view your colleagues the same way athletes view their teammates, and you accomplish this when you develop a strong bond with them. Microsoft SharePoint training gives you the tools to strengthen your team’s work relationship, with the help of new features designed to make collaboration more efficient. Just about every company values collaboration in these times, and therefore, you can’t go wrong by learning how to utilize technology to make communication within your team smoother.

The Bee and Flower Can’t Survive Without Each Other

You most likely learned about symbiosis back in your elementary school science classes. One of the examples you may be most familiar with is that of bees and flowers. Bees fly around and pollinate flowers, while flowers provide honey for the bees to eat. If you take one of out of the equation, then the other dies off. In fact, this is a concern among environmentalists, since the world bee population declines at rapid rate every year.

Think of your business as a bee and flower symbiosis. Much of your success at work relies on the success of others and vice-versa. If you take some team members out of the equation, then your team crumbles. Therefore, collaboration is one of the most cherished facets of business today, and employers as well as employees do everything to make it a strength.

Positive Reactions Beat Explosive Ones

Have you ever mixed baking soda and vinegar together? If you have, or if you’ve even seen someone else do it, you are most likely aware of the explosion that results when you mix the two together. Unfortunately, this is the sort of reaction that takes place among the colleagues of many companies today. The poor chemistry between the employees makes it difficult for them to agree and perform well together.

SharePoint training equips you with tools to keep your team chemistry in a positive balance

You and your colleagues need to react positively to one another, not explosively. This positive chemistry makes it easier to accomplish some of the most difficult tasks. Also, a positive environment makes it easier for you and your time to work more efficiently in the first place, and this eliminates the need to solve certain issues later on.

Don’t Argue. Collaborate

If you were omniscient (the ability to know everything), and decided to eavesdrop on the conversations that took place behind the walls of many companies, the way they view collaboration would surprise you. Although disagreements arise, constant miscommunication signals a flaw with the employees or certain business processes. For an IT team, the problem could be the approach used to tackle infrastructure or architecture. SharePoint training can expose you and your team to new features that can reduce some of these issues. Here’s how:

Training With Social Computing

Imagine if you could find knowledge about any topic with the just a few views of employee profiles. Think of the time and effort you could save. Thanks to one of the new features offered in Microsoft SharePoint 2013, a social computing element, you can experience improved user experience and administration. This feature incorporates Community Sites that serve as discussion platforms for those who seek information in certain topics, and also as a means to connect with those who have that information.

With the addition of another new feature, the community portal, you can discover and explore new communities.  A training course can show you how to use features such as My Sites, feeds, and microblogging to your benefit, so that you offer more in terms of collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Business Intelligence

Do you fantasize about the ability to make your company’s data simple? Well it’s time to make that dream a little more lucid. The business intelligence aspects of the server allow you and your colleagues to organize huge quantities of data into manageable chunks. Just of think of your goals, processes, metrics, and requirements neatly portioned onto your plate. Sounds great doesn’t?

The new business intelligence capabilities make it easy to tailor data in ways which everyone can comprehend. This is important, since your team’s ability as a group to understand processes and end-results, eliminate communication problems that mar collaboration. SharePoint training can acquaint you with software tools like Excel, PerformancePoint, and Visio services; resources that all make it easier to manage and share information with your colleagues.

The Use of SharePoint in the Big Leagues

Some of the world’s most successful companies use SharePoint and SharePoint training to ensure that their employees share and manage information in unison. It’s especially important for these companies to have control over their IT architecture since they arguably have more at stake. Here are some of the companies which make use of SharePoint:

  • Proctor & Gamble
  • Kroger
  • ConocoPhillips
  • UPS
  • Kraft Foods
  • Hess
  • Philip Morris International
  • Viacom
  • MillerCoors
  • and of course…Microsoft!

Keep the Bond Strong Yet Stable with SharePoint Training

If the collaborative skills of your company concern you or even if you feel that you can take your group efforts to another level, then don’t hesitate to enroll in SharePoint training. Courses will teach you how to use the new features of SharePoint in order to keep the communication between your team clear, concise, and controlled. The training also introduces you to the more intricate aspects of SharePoint, and you can learn to use these tools to your advantage. If you make the effort to undertake training in SharePoint, you’ll surely be an asset to your team and your contributions will keep the team chemistry positive!


Hire a Professional in Creative Design to Make Your Brand Identity Desirable

Let’s talk a little bit about things that make people cringe, but go unmentioned (sometimes), in an imaginary world. Pretend you have a friend whose been struggling with their career, they’re a smart individual though and have set about planning their own small business. You know they’re skilled and can produce results for their clients, so you’re happy for their initiative. One day you sit down with your friend, they’re super excited about their new logo and branding, they whip out a piece of paper and before your eyes is the most awful looking, amateurish graphic design you’ve ever seen. At this point many people would simply nod their head and agree with their friends’ questionable admiration. But, if you were a true friend that wanted them to succeed in business, you’d let them know that they should consult with a creative design professional as soon as possible!

hire a professional in creative design to make your brand more desirable

The Failures of Small Business Branding

Look around at many small businesses, particularly the ones that look like they’re operating on a shoe string budget. You’ll be able to tell them easily because their branding and marketing materials will look like they picked them off of a freebie stationary website or clipart library. Chances are you’ve already labeled them as operating on a shoe-string budget simply because of their outward appearance; this is exactly the problem with many small businesses and startups that do not invest enough time or resources into creative design to develop a memorable, novel brand identity.

It gets even worse, poor business branding not only results in poor looking branding but the implications that these lower quality branding materials have are widespread. Trying to market your small business with amateurish creative design is like trying to shovel water up a hill; you’ll put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into the process but at the end of the day you’ll still be standing in cold water with nothing to show for your efforts. This is why it’s imperative to start your business off on the right foot, whether you are a small business or an aspiring multinational corporation – brand identity needs to start off right, hiring creative design professionals to get the job done right is always a sound decision.

The Importance of Brand Identity

Brand identity is more than simply choosing a catchy name, picking the right colour, and slapping it together with some run of the mill logo. Brand identity requires careful thought and consideration into your companies market, your competitors, your long-term business goals, and your overall service message. There are numerous other aspects that can be considered but these are the primary areas of consideration that will shape your brand and create your identity. A marketing firm should always be consulted to ensure that your branding will be a winner instead of a flop; innovative creative design will be a necessity during the development of your brand to maximize results.

Targeting your customers effectively will be a crucial aspect of your brand identity. After all, you can optimize your brand in such a way that it targets your desired customers effectively, so why not take advantage of this? That is the aim of novel graphic design, to target your customer base and expand your market share but optimizing your brand identity. Effective design will not only make you stand out but portray your message clearly and concisely. If you’re selling upper-scale products with premium prices, your brand identity should reflect that. If you’re selling bargain priced products, your brand identity should then reflect that. Effective brand identity will make it clear to your customers where you stand in the market and what your business is all about.

Developing a Winning Brand

How to go about finding the best branding possible is far from an easy task. It takes a lot of research, brainstorming, and creative interpretation to conceive a brand and even more work to build that idea out into a real-world recognized brand. Seeking the services of a professional graphic design firm will always be ideal as they will have a good idea of how to utilize design to best market your business, providing you the success you desire.

Always remember, brand identity is more than simply a logo or brochure, it is the persona that represents your business. Since this can, and does, make or break a business it’s a very good idea to spend an ample amount of time and money before committing to just any old idea.

Communications Training Teaches You the Lost Art of Negotiation!

Communication is one of the most important aspects of living in our modern world. There has been so much done to allow people to communicate easier and more conveniently, consider for a moment the soaring popularity of smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers. For the most part these devices have allowed people not only to work on the run but also to stay in communication with other people as they please. At the heart of communication is bartering of some kind, people are always negotiating whether they believe they are or not. The lost are of negotiation is not so much of a lost art, as it is simply just not realized in a way that it was previously. Attending a communications training course can reinvigorate the skills associated with negotiation allowing professionals of all walks of life the power to take more control over their career and path in life.

communications training can help you become skilled in negotiation

Why Negotiation Matters

Negotiation is one of the most important aspects of communication, it is the process of working out a deal in such a way that you either reap more benefits and provide better services to clients, employers, and more. Even when you speak with a 5 year old kid you are negotiation, often time’s children are experienced negotiators as they’ve had to be throughout their early youth to get what they want. People often forget this about children, but it is the truth. If you’ve forgot this then attending communications training to improve your negotiation skills is a really good way to get back up to speed.

Consider for a moment what it would mean if you could get 10% more of everything you are already getting; 10% higher salary, 10% more vacation time. This is a huge deal in the long run, and often times if people never even try to negotiate they are simply leaving money on the table, this is why negotiation is extremely important to your own personal success. Without negotiation you can wind up selling yourself short which could even have the potential to sabotage your later.

With the help of communications training, you can easily study up on the best ways to approach business negotiations on of all sorts. Negotiation skills will even help you in day to day relationships as well. Not necessarily to attempt to game your friends or loved ones, but to help you understand how to create a meaningful solution to problems that occur, a solution that benefits and satisfies everyone. Creating situations that work for all parties involved is at the heart of negotiations.

Negotiation Isn’t Bad

One of the most common misconceptions about negotiation is that it is just a big power struggle; one side is seeking to gain the upper hand and over-power or take advantage of someone. The better negotiator will always “win” these interactions. This may the case in some situations but often time’s negotiation is used to improve business relationships and to create situations that benefit both parties.  If someone is looking to embark in a service of purchase a product, perhaps a manufacturer is dealing with a distributor, it can be advantageous to hammer out a business deal that leaves both parties feeling like they’ve just setup a fantastic business partner. Entering business together with a high level of morale and gusto to deliver results is always advantageous to everyone who is involved in that deal.

Communications training allows professionals to learn the finer nuances of negotiations, how to approach situations, how best to address matters of the negotiation, how to make sure that both parties leave feeling like they’ve gained something from the negotiation. Creating a “win-win” solution is at the heart of all negotiations and it’s important to never tie down a negotiation process to a single issue as it will only lead to a tug of war. These and many more skills are integral to the process of negotiation. Any professional who is seeking to upgrade their people and business skills will do well by attending a negotiation skills communications training course.

Finding Training

When searching for negotiation skills training it’s important to do some research into the providers of the training. You’ll also want to do a very thorough self-assessment of your own communications strengths and weaknesses; this will aid you immensely when it comes to gaining the maximum value possible from these sorts of training courses. By performing a self-audit in this manner you will be able to easily assess what areas you should focus on and which you can spend less time on – maximizing your resources and gaining the most returns from your investment.